WAMO Tour to France & Germany, May 2010


In May / June 2010 the orchestra toured France, Luxembourg and then stayed in Germany for a week to take part in the BDZ Zupfmusikfest, which takes place every four years. With the trip taking place in the European summer, the orchestra was blessed with fantastic hot weather to make the whole experience an enjoyable holiday.


Leaving Perth in the early hours of Sunday 23rd, we arrived in Paris in time to enjoy a long spring evening. Our first concert on the 26th May was a joint one with the Courbevoie Orchestra in a beautiful historic venue.  What an interesting experience to travel with instruments on the Parisian underground!


On the 26th May we performed our all Australian compositions in a joint concert with Ensemble Gabriele Leone.  Travelling by bus to Metz on the 27th of May, we were met by our host orchestra Cercle Mandoliniste Messin and performed at the Church of St Fiacreon the 28th .


On Saturday the 29th of May we were off to Mulhouse to play a joint concert with Ensemble de Mandolins et Guitars de Mulhouse.  Our last stop before Germany was in Esch, there we experienced a tour of an underground mine courtesy of our host orchestra Ensemble A Plectre.


Finally off to Germany to take part in the festival, we played on Thursday 3rd June. We spent a week enjoying the town of Bruschal and the performances of the various orchestras, soloists and small groups.  What a wonderful experience this trip was for us as an orchestra and one that certainly will not be forgotten in a hurry.


Elizabeth Neeson