The West Australian Mandolin Orchestra (WAMO) Inc. was formed in Fremantle over 40 years ago and continues to be Perth's premier mandolin and guitar ensemble. WAMO is a non-profit, community based orchestra comprising of instruments from the plucked string family - primarily mandolins, mandolas, guitars and bass guitars. The Orchestra perform a number of times each year in Perth and country areas.

The repertoire is chosen from a wide variety of music spanning 400 years from Renaissance to the present day, and WAMO is proud of its reputation for performing new works by Australian composers.

Our conductors are Ana Milas, Jana Buvari and Robert Schulz. 

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Pastime with Good Company - Cafe Concert

Join us for a captivating musical afternoon filled with passion, artistry, and the joy of live music! WAMO will present a diverse repertoire that showcases the unique sounds of the plucked string orchestra and includes pieces such as Reverie de Poete by Giuseppe Manente, Pastime With Good Company by Henry VIII, Les Bicyclettes de Belsize by Reed and Mason, and Birdland by Zawinul and Hendricks.

Conductor  - Ana Milas             Secure your tickets now! 

WHEN - Sunday 24 March, 4 - 5pm

WHERE - Rhein Donau Club, North Lake Rd, Myaree

TICKETS - $25, available HERE