The West Australian Mandolin Orchestra (WAMO) Inc. was formed in Fremantle over 40 years ago and continues to be Perth's premier mandolin and guitar ensemble. WAMO is a non-profit, community based orchestra comprising of instruments from the plucked string family - primarily mandolins, mandolas, guitars and bass guitars. The Orchestra perform a number of times each year in Perth and country areas. The musical director and conductor of WAMO is Robert Schulz. 

The repertoire is chosen from a wide variety of music spanning 400 years from Renaissance to the present day, and WAMO is proud of its reputation for performing new works by Australian composers.


WAMO has a busy year ahead with four concerts scheduled for 2019. The first of these will be a collaborative concert with Fremantle based men's choir Voicemale at the Hilton PCYC in April. Stay tuned and refer back to this page in the coming weeks for more details and booking information.