Calendar of Events for 2011

Saturday, 3:00pm 13th March 2011

Town Hall, Toodyay



1.Gamine Charmante (Maciocchi)
2. La Belle Epoche (Arr. Nakano)
3. 3 Songs from Lord of the Rings (R Schulz)
4. Maritsuki Asobi (Nakano)
5. La Rioja Suite (R Schulz)
6. Travers La Hongrie (Menichetti)
7. Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Tarrega)
8. Turkisch Suite No. 5
9. Jugoslavia Suite (Paulsen)
10. A Day at the Circus (R Charlton)

Comments: Only a small audience but we this made for a warm, intimate concert with lots of friendly discussion between pieces. We all had a great time, with the highlight being Naomi's son Leo who played the whistle (in  time!) during "A Day at the Circus". Well done Leo - we were proud of you!

Sunday, 3:00pm 22nd May 2011

Rhein Donau Club


1. El Relicario (Padilla/Arr. Schulz)
2. Traumbilder (R Vollmann)
3. Nostalgia
4. Tango/Habenera (R Schulz)
5. Divertimento Capriccioso (Mirko Schrader)
6. Sonata for Violin and Mandolin Orchestra (R Schulz)
7. Avignon Suite (Walter)
8. Gavotte Serenade (Amadei)
9. Espana Cani (Marquina/Arr. Schulz)

Comments: Another full house - amazing. The RDC concerts just get more and more popular. Maybe because it is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon with restaurant and bar facilities on hand! The star of the show was 11 year old violin prodigy, Emily, who played the solo violin part for the Sonata for Violin and Mandolin Orchestra. It was amazing! Thanks again to the RDC members for making this another wonderful event.

Saturday , 7:00pm 22nd June 2011

Kelmscott Senior High School

1. Espana Cani (Marquina/Arr. Schulz)
2. Traumbilder (R Vollmann)
3. Spanish Impressionen (Behrand)
4. El Relicario (Padilla/Arr. Schulz)
5. La Rioja Suite (R Schulz)
6. Suite No 2 (3,4,& 5) (Wolki)

 An excellent shared concert where the KSHS guitar students joined us for a performance of Wolki's Suite No 2. The students, parents and teachers very much enjoyed the evening. A performance by ex-student Duncan Gardiner, now a profesional guitarist, capped the evening. It is always a pleasure performing with school students, and a way to introduce the orchestra to them so they can consider joining when they leave school.

Saturday , 3:00pm 11th September 2011

Rhein Donau Club

1. Gamine Chamante (Machiocchi)

2. A City Awakens (Stopler)

3. Suite Baroque (Gunsenheimer)

4. Intermezzo (Schulz)

5. Okinawa Suite (Naito)


6. Youth Orchestra

7. Suite in D - with Youth Orchestra - (Schulz)

8. Tafelmusik (Wolki)

9. Vier National Dance (Schwaen)

Comments: The West Australian Mandolin Orchestra was joined by our Youth Orchestra, comprising of mandolin and guitar students, for our second Rhein Donau Club concert of the year. The students performed a number of recognizable songs, which were all enthusiastically received. We had an excellent turnout, with over 185 people spending the afternoon dining and listening to the orchestra. Congratulations to the students; the orchestra is looking forward to playing with you again!

Friday , 7:30pm 28th October 2011

St Ives, Kallaroo

1. Gamine Charmente (Machiocci)

2. A City Awakens (Stopler)

3. Okinawa Suite (Naito)

4. La Rioja Suite (Schulz)

5. Vier National Dance (Schwaen)

6. Tafelmusic (Wolki)

7. Traumbilder (Ambrosius)

Comments: WAMO performed our 'CHOGM' concert on Friday night at St Ives, in Kallaroo. The concert was very well received by the residents, and the orchestra was invited to stay behind afterwards for tea. WAMO last performed for the residents two years ago, and was happy to return and share some of our new pieces.

Saturday, 8pm 26th November 2011

St Andrews Church, Subiacco

1. Suite Baroque (Gunsennheimer)

2. Suite in G minor (Charpentier)

3. Gavotte-Serenade (Amedei)

4. Trio in D minor (Bach)

5. Sonata in F major (Pepusch)

6. Lorne Concerto (Marillier)

     Solo recorder: Glyn Marillier

     Solo mandolin: Cath Shackleton

     Cello: Elly Morley

7. Die Speckerin (Mohr)

8. Konzert in D minor (Ambrosius)

Comments: The Orchestra's final concert for 2011 was performed at St Andrews Church in Subiacco, and featured Members of the WA Recorder and Early Music Society. The program for the evening included the Lorne Concerto, composed by Glyn Marillier, who played the solo recorder part, accompanied by the orchestra. In addition to WAMOs regular selection of pieces, the Members of the WA Recorder and Early Music Society also performed a number of works as a trio.

Members of the WA Recorder and Early Music Society:
Elizabeth Kelly     - recorders
Ross Ratallic       - recorders
Glyn Marillier       - recorders
Elly Morley          - 'cello
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