Calendar of Events for 2009

(in date order as a historical record of concerts in 2009 - scroll down to find upcoming & future concert dates and programmes) 

Saturday, 7:30pm 14th March 2009

Memorial Hall,



1. Harry Lime Theme (Anton Karas)
2. Kleiner Dresdner Bilderbogen (Arno Starck)
3. Neelam's Rag (J. Jooste 2008)
4. Dennis Wills recites Banjo Paterson
5. Three Auckland Nocturnes (Yvette Audain 2007)
6. Lautenmusik (M. de Fuenllana)
7. Pizzicato Bossa (D. Kreidler 1991)
8. La Festa Del Grano (1,2,& 4) (Mario Maciocchi)
9. Griechische Tanzsuite (Gunther Becker 1967)
10. Dennis Wills recites Banjo Paterson
11. Josef Lanner & Co (R. Schulz 2001)
 El Vito (Trad. arr. H. Kolbe 1978)
13. From Russia With Love


Comments: The Toodyay concert is always enjoyed by the orchestra as it is a chance to get away and socialise with each other. The concert was not well attended (only about 50 tickets sold) but was profitable and gave the orchestra a chance to perform a number of new items. A confident performance of Lanner & Co was possibly the highlight of the evening. Guest artist Dennis Wills recited Banjo Paterson poetry and was very much appreciated by the audience. Dennis can really bring the Banjo to life. After breakfast on Sunday morning it was back to Perth to re-join the real world :-(

Sunday, 3:00pm 17th May 2009

Rhein Donau Club


1. Harry Lime Theme (Anton Karas)
2. Kleiner Dresdner Bilderbogen (Arno Starck)
3. Adventures of the Duyfken (R. Charlton)
4. El Vito (Trad. arr. H. Kolbe 1978)
5. Song - Kathry Kenny
6. Josef Lanner & Co (R. Schulz 2001)
7. Pennyglen (R. Kay)
7. Variations on Kemps Jig (R. Schulz)
8. From Russia with Love

Comments: A wonderful concert played to a full house. The benefit of the Rhein Donau Club is that bar and kitchen facilities are available so there was plenty of socialising before and after the concert. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! The audience loved the music with compliments freely flowing (along with the beer and the coffee) after the concert. Josef Lanner & Co got the biggest applause.

Saturday, 7:30pm 20th June 2009

St Ives Jolimont


1. Gassenhauer
2. Kleiner Dresdner Bilderbogen (Arno Starck)
3. Interlude (R. Schulz 2006)
4. Griechische Tanzsuite (Gunther Becker 1967)
5. La Festa Del Grano (1,2,& 4) (Mario Maciocchi)
6. Matilda Bay (R. Kay 2009)
7. Jazz, Pop, Rock suite (short version)
8. Josef Lanner & Co (R. Schulz 2001)

Comments: Our second visit to St Ives, Jolimont was well received and enjoed by all. Another wonderful supper followed the concert with lots of interesting converstion with audience members. Hopefully, we will get invited back next year!

Sunday , 3:00pm 16th August 2009

Rhein Donau Club


                                                                                          1. Bergenhaus Spielmusik (Roland Ganz)
2. Jazz Pop Rock Suite (Claudio Mandonico)
3. Dennis Wills recites Banjo Paterson
4. Pizzicato Bossa (Deiter Kreidler)
5. Griechische Tanzsuite (Becker)
6. Jota Arogonesa (Siegmund)
7. Gassenhauer (Schindler)
8. Three Character Pieces (Robert Schulz)
9. Dennis Wills recites Banjo Paterson
10. Matilda bay (Robert Kay)
11. La Festa Del Grano (Maciocchi)
12. Exit Music (Encore) (Robert Schulz)

Comments: Another highly successsful concert at the RDC. The informal atmosphere, food, drink & a big orchestral sound kept everyone wanting more. A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. The concert also featured Denis Wills reciting Banjo Paterson poems with great excitement.


Saturday, 7:30pm 28th November 2009

 Callaway Auditorium, University of WA


1. Edsijoan Tango (John Jooste)
2. Dance Pieces 3&4 (Robert Schulz)
3. Matilda Bay (Robert Kay)
4. Solos & Duets - Sue Flower & Marissa Carroll
5. Illawarra Dances (John Peterson)
6. Concerto in A (Robert Schulz)
7. A Dark History (Robert Schulz)
8. Exit Music (Encore) (Robert Schulz)

Comments: A landmark concert for WAMO. Ticket prices were $35 (the most we have ever charged) and we flew Sue and Marissa over from Queensland to feature in this concert. A lot of the WAMO material was new (Illawarra Dances, Dance Pieces 3&4, Concerto in A) and will be taken on out tour to France and Germany in May 2010. The concert was a HUGE success - a sell out audience, who were captivated by Sue and Marissa's performance especially. The premiere performance of Robert Schulz's Concerto in A for two mandolins and orchestra was a highlight, with Sue and Marissa the soloists. It was also a premiere performance for John Peterson's Illawarra Dances - a rewarding piece with difficult rythms - which went well on the night. I can't remember the last WAMO concert which ended on such a high as this one. The DVD recording of the concert (made by Ray Carroll) is exceptional and has been watched many times.