History of WAMO Book Launch - First Forty Years

Posted by WAMO on Sunday, July 26, 2015
For the last few months a number of orchestra members led by Mr Geoff Barber have been compiling a detailed history of The West Australian Mandolin Orchestra, including past / present members, conductors, overseas tours, FAME events and much more. This book will be completed in time for the orchestra's fortieth anniversary concert in March 2016. It will be available on order for an approximate cost of around $40 Australian dollars. If you are an overseas or eastern states reader please register your interest in obtaining a copy by emailing Geoff Barber using the email address listed on this website under contacts.  We as an orchestra are very excited that this book of our wonderful orchestra's history will soon be published!  Thanks go to the authors / contributors and especially to Geoff for all the wonderful hard work that goes into completing a work like this.